The Don & Dearne Schools’ Football Association (South Yorkshire) had very successful representative teams who produced many professional football players. The D&DSFA also organised the Totty Cup and Barlow-Salmons competitons.

The list below are players who are from* the Don & Dearne region who have gone on to play at an elite level.

*born and/or schooled

Born in the 1990s
Ben Wiles (Born 1999 from Rawmarsh)
Fraser Preston (Born 1999 from Elsecar)
Callum Whelan (Born Hemingfield 1998)
Terry Kennedy (Born Great Houghton 1993)
Jordan Clark (Born Hoyland 1993)
Ollie Banks (Born Rotherham 1992; school = Brampton)
Kingsley James (Born Rotherham 1992)

Born in the 1980s
Andrew Boyce (Born Conisbrough 1989)
Ryan Cresswell (Born Rotherham 1987)
Dale Tonge (Born Barnsley 1985)
Anthony Kay (Born Darfield 1982)
Matt Hamshaw (Born Rotherham 1982)
Jon Parkin (Born Darfield 1981)

Born in the 1970s
Jason Blunt (Born ??? 1977)

Born in the 1960s
Mark Crossley (Born Hoyland 1969)
Paul Heald (Born Wath 1968)
Kevin Eley (Born Mexborough 1968)
Nigel Pepper (Born Rotherham 1968)
Dylan Kerr (Born Malta? 1967 – lived in Mexborough)
Dean Whitehouse (born Mexborough 1963)
Paul Shirtliff (born Hoyland 1962)
Peter Shirtliff (born Hoyland 1961)
Ian Banks (Born Mexborough 1961)
Stewart Evans (Born Rotherham 1960)
Peter Carr (Born Rawmarsh 1960)

Born in the 1950s
Ray Mountford (Born Mexborough 1958)
Steve Gardner (Born Hemsworth 1958)
Peter Hart (Born Mexborough 1957)
Bob Mountain (Born Wombwell 1956)
John Dungworth (Born Rotherham 1955)
Steve Goulding (Born Mexborough 1954)
Alan Sunderland (Born Conisbrough 1953)
Peter Kitchen (Born Mexborough 1952)
Mick Speight (Born Upton 1951)
Ian Holmes (Born Wombwell 1950)
Mick Prendegast (Born Mexborough 1950)
Gary Scothern (Born Hoyland? 1950?)

Born in the 1940s
Geoff Salmons (Born Mexborough 1948)
Peter Middleton (Born Rawmarsh 1948)
Alan Warboys (Born Goldthorpe 1949)
Frank Barlow (Born Mexborough 1946)
Barry Wagstaff (Born Wombwell 1945)
Tony Wagstaff (Born Wombwell 1944)
Eric Thompson (Born Mexborough 1944)
Gordon West (Born Darfield 1943)
Ken Mallender (Born Thrybergh 1943)
Born in the 1930s
Kevin McHale (Born Mexborough 1939)
Brian Sawyer (Born Rawmarsh 1938)
Gordon Swann (Born maltby 1937)
Keith Bambridge (Born Rawmarsh 1935)
Tim Womack (Born Denaby 1934)
Peter Vickers (Born Kilnhurst 1934)
Mark Jones (Born Wombwell 1933)
Roy Lambert (Born Hoyland 1933)
Born in the 1920s
Ted Robledo (Born Chile 1928 – lived in West Melton)
Jack Short (Born Great Houghton 1928)
George Robledo (Born Chile 1926 – lived in West Melton)
Jack Hubbard (Born Wath 1925)
Henry Walters (Born Wath 1925)
Eric Lacey (Born Wath circa 1924)
Leslie Thompson (Born Little Houghton 1922)
Lionel Smith (Born Mexborough 1920)
Artur Willis (Born Denaby 1920)
Born in the 1910s
Walter Bennett (Born Mexborough 1918)
Wally Ardron (Born Swinton 1918)
Herbert Barlow (born Kilnhurst 1916)
Guy Wharton (born Wombwell 1916)
Francis Westlake (Born Bolton 1915)
Tom Hinchcliffe (Born Denaby 1913)
Cliff Parker (Born Denaby 1913)
Stan Burton (Born Wombwell 1912)
Frank Rayner (Born Goldthorpe approx 1912)
Arnold Bramham (Born Brampton? 1910?)
Born in the 1900s
Wilf Copping (Born Houghton 1909)

Percy Ashton (Born Bolton 1909)
George Raynor (Born Wombwell 1907) *Managed Sweden to WC final
Eric Brook (Born Mexborough 1907)
Teddy Ashton (Born Kilnhurst 1906)
Jack Barker (Born Denaby 1906)
Charlie Bisby (Born Mexborough 1904)
George Briggs (Born Wombwell 1903)
Sam Cowan (Born Chesterfield 1901) *Native of Swinton in 1936 MC article
Born in the 1890s
Ralph Burkinshaw (Born Kilnhurst 1898)
Walter Brayshaw (Born Mexborough 1898)
Albert Pape (Born Elsecar 1897)
Fred Tunstall (Born Darfield 1897)
Laurie Burkinshaw (Born Kilnhurst 1891)
Jack Burkinshaw (Born Kilnhurst 1890)
Born in the 1880s
George Utley (Born Elsecar 1887)
Allen Foster (Born Rawmarsh 1887)
Fred Staniforth (Born Kilnhurst 1884)
George Bennett (Born Mexborough 1881)
Tommy Thorpe (Born Attercliffe 1881 – lived in Kilnhurst)
Abe Burkinshaw * (Born Mexborough circa 1886)
*played for BFC in 1908 – Source: David Wood (BFC historian)
Born in the 1870s
Walter Bennett (Born Mexborough 1874)
Harry “Tip” Bennett (Born Mexborough 1871)
William “Micky” Bennett (Born Mexborough approx 1868)

Four Don & Dearne lads in an FA cup final

In the 1939 FA Cup final there were FOUR Don & Dearne players involved. In fact they scored 3 of the goals between them in a 4-1 victory for Portsmouth against Wolves.

England Schoolboys
Les Thompson (in 1936) – from Houghton Council school. Captained England Schoolboys against Scotland, Wales & Ireland. He was killed in 1944 in an RAF raid over Germany. Buried in Denmark.
Eric Lacey (in 1937) – from Dearneside school. Played against Scotland & Wales.
Don Walker (in 1938) – from Dearneside school. Played against Ireland.
David Cade (in 1953) – From Darfield school. Played against Ireland.
Frank Barlow (in 1962) – From Mexborough Grammar school. Captain against Wales, Ireland, Germany and Scotland.
Billy Salkeld – England captain 1967-68. From Conisbrough & went to Mexborough School.
Matt Hamshaw – (circa 1999) schoolboy & under 18 level.
Robbie Cotton – (in 2009) Swinton Brookfield & Swinton Comp. & England Schoolboys.

DVS 1920s David Crossland
A medal from Derane Valley Schools
Programme Cover from April 1977

Article from 1963 mentioning Ken Mallender, Tony & Barrie Wagstaff, Jack Parkes and Frank Barlow.

The Don & Dearne School Football Association was formed when the Dearne Valley and Mexborough Association joined together in 1947, at the instigation of Mr. Herbert Clarke. In the previous season Mexborough had won the Yorkshire Trophy Competition and Dearne Valley were the runners up.

Derek Bradley: John (Jackie) Parks played for Park Road and went on to become a Sheffield Utd apprentice. He played centre half playing up hill and centre forward playing down hill on the old Park Road pitch. He did play, I believe, for Don and Dearne, we both left school in 1959.

John Marshall (Born Goldthorpe 1954) was at Peteborough United in the early 1970’s

Article from 1961 which shows how well respected the Don & Dearne SFA was…


In 1983, it is understood that the Don & dearne did not have a representative side for the first time in many years.

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